Offering natural and biodegradable products, we want to promote environmental awareness.
Our core values are innovations for superior product performance and planet protection.
We strive to integrate many aspects of being ecological. It can be observed in the products in every category that we contribute to.

First of all, we follow international guidelines. We’ve incorporated 3R policy into our production mechanisms:

  • up to 20% reduction in raw materials used in comparison to traditional business and technologies
    ex. Our technology enables us to produce 43 gsm nonwoven that has the parameters of a 50 gsm nonwoven, when compared to competitive products
  • up to 90% reduction in used energy thanks to our internal power generator and emitted heat exploitation
    we use the heat to dry the nonwovens after hydroembossing processes
  • up to 25% reduction of CO2 use thanks to the use of a co-generator

  • 97% reduction in the amount of water used in the production cycle ex.
    Water circuit in our plant is closed. 3% loss is caused by the natural evaporation processes
  • all of the snippets coming from natural and uniform nonwovens are turned around and used again in the process
    ex. we turn around 100% of cotton snippets

  • we harnessed technologies that are capable of using 100% recycled raw materials ex. PET obtained from plastic bottles
  • all waste coming from nonwoven production is recycled internally
We are capable of producing 100% biodegradable & compostable nonwovens for many different purposes.
Careful observations of the market make us believe in great potential of these particular products,
that is why we intensely promote them.
We use natural and biodegradable nonwovens. We focus on sustainable materials as well as reliable supplies.
We closely monitor ethical and environmental issues.

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