EcoWipes is strongly oriented on innovations. In order to improve the retailer’s competitive edge we carefully observe local and global market trends in many different fields, sometimes not related to our branch of business at a first glance. Interesting ideas can be found everywhere.

Body & Incontinence
Care Wipes

We see a dynamic growth in the household category and increasing demand for body care/incontinence care wipes. Our plans for the nearest future assume further expansion, particularly in these two areas. In body care, EcoWipes recently developed a natural and biodegradable nonwoven for semi-medical applications. The company will continue to add more body and senior care products to its portfolio.

Long Life Nonwoven

EcoWipes developed a new nonwoven for household category called "Long Life." The innovative and very resistant nonwoven features thoroughly progressed patterns. LongLife is part of a series that includes four additional household substrates for multi-purpose dry applications.

Natural Products
in Baby Category

In baby and cosmetic categories, EcoWipes is focusing on constant innovations, following latest trends. We have launched a portfolio of natural dry cosmetic and baby wipes, since we are observing the market carefully and the will of some consumers to choose their lotions. Also, in case of wet wipes, we are very aware of all the consumers ‘doubts and we offer the products that will be respectful of their needs.

3 Layer cosmetic pads

Patented technology

What decides of a cosmetic pad quality? Its SOFTNESS, RESISTANCE TO DELAMINATION & ABSORPTIVE PROPERTIES. Knowing all that, we developed a UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY that enables us to produce 3 LAYERS (3L) pads with 100% pure cotton on external layers and a special mix of resistant fibers inside, gripping the pad together. Thanks to that the pads DO NOT DELAMINATE, are very ABSORBENT and superbly SOFT to skin.

Cotton cosmetic wipes

Also available in organic version

Many consumers are dissapointed traditional cosmetic pads – their size being too small. There are also certain beauty applications that need using a towel, such as face mask and peeling removal. We’ve found a perfect solution for that kind of treatments – 100% cotton cosmetic towels – they’re RESISTANT and can be GENTLY RINSED while used, they’re also SOFT and VERY ABSORBENT. They are also avaliable in a cardboard box, which can be FSC certified.

Hygienic Buds
with center press

Smart opening & colorful paper box!

Hygienic buds are the products that have been produced since the beginning of our company. Although they may seem very boring, we added something that may make each brand really UNIQUE – we packed them into colorful paper boxes and developed SMART OPEN-CLOSE SYSTEM that we called CENTER PRESS. Our paper boxes may be FSC CERTIFIED or they may come from RECYCLED MATERIAL. We are also capable of producing 100% COMPOSTABLE hygienic buds with PAPER STICKS.
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