Ecowipes is a market leader in wipes, pads, buds and household solutions production. If you want to grow in an international environment, join our team!

We specialize in manufacturing wet wipes, cosmetic pads, cotton buds, wet and dry household wipes. We create inspiring environment in which we develop innovative products and we focus on dynamic development of our customers’ brands. Our in-house production has a great competitive advantage, as we have the ability to produce a diversified catalog and tailor-made nonwovens and lotions. It gives us full control over production process. We have two internal laboratories and high-storage warehouse.

Ecowipes is an inspiring environment, where new things happen all the time. We are innovation leader and we know that our success depends on our employees. They create a committed and competent team, which accomplishes all the goals with passion and creativity. It’s because of our team, EcoWipes can create innovative and advanced products. We want to cooperate with ready to grow enthusiasts, who will support EcoWipes success. We need independent, responsible and committed people.

If you want: Join our team!

Recruitment process

  • Application
  • Selection of the submitted applications considering experience and expertise
  • Interviews
    - Phone interview
    - Meeting with HR department representative and a prospective supervisor
  • Feedback

Ecowipes departments

  • Sales

    Sales department creates innovative solutions, matching our clients requirements and market trends. You can gain expertise working with international B2B clients.
  • Marketing

    Marketing department creates materials for communication with clients, takes care of professional company image, supports sales department and ensures building positive relations with our partners. In marketing department, where introduction of new products is coordinated, you can also gain experience in project management.
  • Customer service

    We work in international environment. We manufacture products for local and global markets. Customer relationship management is a key field of our business.
  • Purchase

    On-time delivery requires suitable planning of raw materials demands and efficient stock management. Purchase department takes care of price optimization, selection of suppliers and deliveries of raw materials supervision.
  • Research and development

    Research and development, in cooperation with other departments, promotes innovation culture. R&D department develops skin friendly, gentle and effective formulations, perfume compositions, product logistics, palletization schemes, specifications and technical data sheets.
  • Production planning

    Production planning department ensures flawless production process. Here the production plans are created and raw materials demands are generated. Production planning department takes care of effective and optimal production management.
  • Production

    Even the best projects won’t be made without production department. Dynamically evolving, fully integrated and modern manufacture field needs motivated employees and supervisors.
  • Technical service

    Technical service department ensures complete and effective production. Technical service employees takes care of service and maintenance of machines and engines. In technical service department work engineers, electricians and automation specialists.
  • Warehouse

    On EcoWipes plant we have heavy duty warehouse and shipment docks. We also have separate warehouses for flammable raw materials and cotton. In our warehouse work storemen and forklift truck operators.
  • Quality control

    We control all our production processes. In our internal laboratories we make physicochemical and microbiological tests, which guarantee full and effective supervision on each production steps.
  • Human resources

    In human resources we value friendly work environment and business ethics. Looking for employees we seek for independent, responsible and committed people.
  • Administration and IT support

    This department focuses on administration support for company and its employees. For quick problem management and efficient information system functioning, IT department provides Service Desk.

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