At EcoWipes we create innovative products. To present our potentiality and to emphasize our strengths, we brought to life our own brand Tami. We divided it into three categories with a broad range of wet and dry portfolio.

  • Baby wipes: standard viscose/pet quality, natural
    (cotton/viscose, 100% cotton, 100% organic cotton)
  • 100% cotton tissues
  • 100% cotton towels on a roll
  • Baby safety tips
  • 3L baby pads

  • Innovative 3L cosmetic pads
  • Wet cosmetic pads
  • Dry cosmetic wipes

  • Body care wipes
  • Moisturized toilet paper
  • 100% cotton tissues
  • Hygienic buds with 100% cotton heads

3 Layer cosmetic pads

Patented technology

What determines cosmetic pad's quality?
Its softness, resistance to delamination & absorptive properties. Knowing all that, we developed a UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY that enables us to produce 3 LAYERS (3L) pads with 100% pure cotton on external layers and a special mix of resistant fibers inside, gripping the pad together. Thanks to that the pads do not delaminate, are very absorbent and superbly soft to skin.

3 Layer cosmetic pads - EcoWipes

Wet cosmetic pads

Facial pads & nail polish removers

2-IN-1 SOLUTION. Who doesn’t prefer that?
t’s innovative, convenient and cheaper than regular products. Designed by us 3L PADS have been saturated with moisturizing fluids developed by us and closed in elegant jars. Thoroughly developed formulations, such as NON-ACETONE nail polish remover and NOURISHING OIL based waterproof make-up remover, and also pocket size of the products adds up to the innovation behind the idea. The pads are also available in smaller jars of 25-30 PCS.

Wet cosmetic pads - EcoWipes

Cosmetic wipes

Also available in organic version

Many consumers are disappointed with traditional cosmetic pads – their size being too small. There are also certain beauty applications that need using a towel, such as face mask and peeling removal. We’ve found a perfect solution for that kind of treatments – 100% cotton comsetic towels – they’re resistant and can be gently rinsed while used, they’re also soft and very absorbent. They are also available in a cardboard box, which can be FSC certified.

Cosmetic wipes - EcoWipes

100% Cotton make-up removal wipes

Make-up removal wipes made of 100% cotton. Wipes contain caring ingredients: acerola and aloe vera extract, they do not cause skin irritation.

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