At EcoWipes we create innovative products. To present our potentiality and to emphasize our strengths, we brought to life our own brand Tami. We divided it into three categories with a broad range of wet and dry portfolio.

  • Baby wipes: standard viscose/pet quality, natural
    (cotton/viscose, 100% cotton, 100% organic cotton)
  • 100% cotton tissues
  • 100% cotton towels on a roll
  • Baby safety tips
  • 3L baby pads

  • Innovative 3L cosmetic pads
  • Wet cosmetic pads
  • Dry cosmetic wipes

  • Body care wipes
  • Moisturized toilet paper
  • 100% cotton tissues
  • Hygienic buds with 100% cotton heads

Body Care Wipes

Produced with ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS, including 100% compostable nonwoven. Our body care wipes were designed to comply with most strict rules of proper adult care. Big content of ALOE VERA EXTRACT and NO UNWANTED ADDITIVES, and handy, large size prove our wipes to be gentle to skin, effective and efficient.

Body Care Wipes - EcoWipes

Moisturized Toilet Paper

100% flushable!

Our wet toilet paper is COMPLETELY FLUSHABLE. That means it dissolves in water in 100%. It’s rich in ingredients such us: CAMOMILE EXTRACT, ALLANTOIN and PANTHENOL that moisturize and nourishe even the most delicate skin. Special SOFT and yet comparably RESISTANT nonwoven allows to maintain all wanted features of PREMIUM DAILY HYGIENE PRODUCT.

Wet Toilet Paper - EcoWipes

Cotton Tissues

Do not irritate the skin!

Constant need to clean your nose when you catch a cold or when you are allergic is a real nightmare. Delicate skin around the nostrils is severely irritated even after a few slight "blows". We decided to ease the pain and to offer 100% COTTON TISSUES that are NON-IRRITATING – cotton fibers are longer and MORE ABSORBENT than cellulose fibers that get into skin pores and rub the skin. Our tissues are available in HANDY POCKET-SIZE FLOWPACKS and BIGGER BOXES for home use.

Cotton Tissues - EcoWipes

Intimate wipes

Only natural

Daily hygiene of intimate parts should be 100% natural without doubt. Gentle, active ingredients helping to maintain healthy bacteria balance are the basis of our formulation and special additives diversify different variations – OAK BARK extract, CALENDULA EXTRACT and ODOR NEUTRALIZER for light incontinence problem, are only a few of our proposals. We opt for compostability – our intimate wipes come in 2 nonwoven variations – 100% COTTON and 100% FLUSHABLE.

Intimate wipes - EcoWipes

Hygienic Buds

Smart opening & colorful paper box!

Hygienic buds are the products that have been produced since the beginning of our company. Although they may seem very common, we added something that may make each brand really UNIQUE – we packed them into colorful paper boxes and developed SMART OPEN-CLOSE SYSTEM that we called CENTER-PRESS. Our paper boxes may be FSC CERTIFIED or they may be make from RECYCLED MATERIAL. We are also able to produce 100% COMPOSTABLE hygienic buds with PAPER STICKS.
Hygienic Buds - EcoWipes
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